26 June 2013

Unearthed 1964 Louis Armstrong Interview

Via Kottke, above is a radio interview of Louis Armstrong from 1964, with commentary from the (then-) teenage interviewers. It's worth your five minutes.

Interviewed by Michael Aisner and James R. Stein in 1964, originally aired on WNTH in Winnetka, Illinois

Back in the Saddle

School's out, time to re-engage. It turns out I'm way behind on new stuff, so while I catch up, here's the NO BS! Brass Band playing a Tiny Desk Concert for NPR Music:

16 December 2012

Returning Summer 2013

School has kept me inactive, but that ends in June, whereupon I'll revive this here blog (maybe under a new name, maybe not). I've listened to so little jazz that it's kinda embarrassing to admit. (I did love new work from Vijay IyerThe Bad PlusRobert Glasper, and ERIMAJ, though).

Here are a few things that I'll be listening to in the meantime. See you in six months.